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Christmas Preparation and all year event planning doesn't have to be difficult.  Look to us for the holidays and for year round recipes, crafts, parties, gifts and holiday tradition ideas.



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The True Meaning Of Christmas Articles

But remember, one of the best gifts you can share year-round is Goodwill toward others. It's free and it will spread from one person to another.  And of course, the best gift of all is the birth of Jesus Christ.  Read my 3-part article series about the Christmas story and the truth about when Jesus was born. Choose each article from the drop-down box below and then hit the "Go" button. I hope you enjoy the series and this site!"  -Margaret Lukasik

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Year Round Christmas Preparation For Holiday Recipes, Activities, Games and Crafts For Church, School & and At-Home-Fun!

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Printable Christmas Games MEGA-Pack of over 70 games and activities!

Free Dough Art Craft Projects

Santa Wreath Christmas Basket
Candle Holder
Salt Dough Santa Wreath With Bow Snowman Ornament
Angel Stocking Holder Poinsettia Flower

You can have fun all year long with family and friends creating beautiful and easy projects to give as gifts, to use in craft shows or to keep for yourself.


Christmas Preparation Special Project

Swan Carousel By Margaret Lukasik.  Make this gift for the holidays or any time of the year!

It looks hard to make, but it's EASY! If you like Fimo clay or salt dough projects, you'll love this unique project! It makes a great gift or item to sell.  

Gift Idea

Swan Carousel

Swan Carousel

It looks like crochet, but it's not.  This beautiful project is easily made with a combination of doilies, lace, ribbon and Fimo clay or salt dough.  Through in a few dried flowers and you've got a project that looks as if it took weeks to make.  

Get complete, step-by-step instruction, color photographs and illustrations in the PDF download.  Go to Swan Carousel project
Christmas Preparation Holiday Articles

About Christmas Links:

The History Of Christmas
Do you know where are Christmas traditions came from?  Are you someone that believes they've simply "always existed" and is something we, as a Nation have always done every year around December 24th? Find out the history of the American Christmas traditions?    More... 

Advent Calendar 
During the weeks leading up to Christmas many families celebrate the anticipation of the holiday with an Advent Calendar. There are many ways to make your own Advent Calendar and it is a fun family project designing and putting it together.  More...

Christmas Traditions 
Christmas is a yearly holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and many families exchange Christmas gifts. It is celebrated on December 25th.  Find out about the traditions that lead up to and during Christmas. More...

Christmas Preparation Tree Information:

Choosing A Christmas Tree 
While artificial Christmas trees are popular, many people like to have a fresh Christmas tree in their home, or outside on their lawns. However there are many trees to choose from.  Find out the most popular. This is great Christmas preparation information. More...

Christmas Tree Care 
Since so much time and effort is put into selecting the perfect Christmas tree, it follows that similar consideration should also be given for the best possible tree care.  Read this important Christmas preparation tip! More...

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
Everyone is trying to find great decoration ideas for their tree! Homespun Christmas trees are moving to the side, it seems, for intricate themed trees with tree limbs full of carefully planned out decorations. Here are some great Christmas tree decoration ideas for your next holiday!  More...

Homemade Christmas Decorations
A fun family project during the holidays and year round is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some easy crafts that will soon have you making your very own ornaments.  More...

Seasonal Home and Hobby:

Discover a Craft Or Hobby As a Stay-At-Home-Mom or Dad 
Home and hobby crafts and interests can give your live peace by diffusing the stress from taking care of children 24/7.  Get ideas to find your interest that might lead to an exciting home business.  More...

Spring and Summer Crafts For Kids
After Christmas is long gone and Spring or Summer are on the horizon, you can help you kids have fun making gifts for the holidays or year round for all occasions.  Life is more than video games, and they give little quality time to spend with your children. Crafting together creates a bond.  More...

Christmas Kid Crafts
Enjoy family fun with these kid Christmas Crafts during the holiday season. It's a great way to help children make presents that cost little or nothing but that have personal meaning!  More...

Game Hobby Night
Don't let all those Christmas toys just sit in your children's closet or toy chest, use them to have fun evenings with your family.  More...

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